This guy’s prom date rejected him, so he showed up with Kylie Jenner instead

If there’s one thing that will help you bounce back after a promposal rejection, it’s getting an iconic celeb to accompany you as your date. That’s what happened to high school junior Albert Ochoa, who showed up to Rio Americano High School’s Junior Prom with Kylie Jenner. As you can probably guess, the prom-goers went crazy and documented the whole thing on social media because, well, high schoolers — and that means we can all go along for the ride.

Jenner didn’t go to her own prom due to her unconventional adolescence, as she was kind of busy filming a hit reality show and building an empire. Fortunately, Kylie didn’t miss out on the prom experience in the long run and — from all of the (many) event pictures on social media — it looks like the star was having a great time (and so was her date, for obvious reasons).

As for the girl who apparently said ‘no’ to Ochoa’s promposal, she took to Twitter to process her feelings.

“When the guy you rejects backup for prom is Kylie Jenner,” writes Ruby, along with a crying-laughing emoji. Ruby, we’ve all been there (except for, ya know, the whole Kylie Jenner thing).

Kylie, of course, brought along bestie Jordyn Woods to the prom and they both looked gorgeous as always in their gowns that were made complete with floral corsages on their wrists! Aww, promemories!

Also, from the looks of a video posted on Twitter by a girl claiming she’s Ochoa’s sister, a camera crew was accompanying the youngest Jenner.

Hmm, does that mean we will get to get the whole story later on KUWTK? Or on Kylie’s own potential spin-off show, Life of Kylie? (We told you this girl hustles!)

Only time (and TV) will tell!

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