This guy matches his makeup to the snacks he’s eating, and it’s on point

Junk food and makeup are basically two of our favorite things in the world. However, the two don’t typically go together as well as we would like. If you’ve ever tried to eat french fries without getting salt all over your perfectly lined lips, or a cupcake without smearing frosting all over your foundation, you know our very real #struggle.

But one very talented, very pro-snack artist found a way to combine the two in a way that keeps your makeup on fleek. Tim O, better known as @skelotim on Instagram, creates eyeshadow looks inspired by the colors in the packaging of his favorite junk food, like Pop-Tarts, Funyuns, and Cheetos.

He expertly blends the colors so the effect is suble and extremely wearable. Since the source of inspiration is more about the color combos than the artistry, this is really easy to do yourself at home.

Huffpost Canada got in touch with the makeup artist regarding his creation, and his response is as awesome as his makeup: “My whole inspiration from my snack looks is because I love colour combos, and I just happen to be a fat bitch who eats all day long lol!” he said. “So all these snacks I love have amazing colours on them, and I said to myself, ‘Damn these colours would look really good on my face.’” 

Yes, they look absolutely gorgeous on his face — even good enough to eat!

(Images via Amazon, Instagram/Tim O.)