These guys kayaked through an underground cave, and the footage will get your blood pumping

The weekend is upon us, and depending on how these past few days went, an extreme water sports adventure may be just what the doctor ordered for you. If you’re up for a blood-pumping pastime, perhaps riding a kayak through an underground cave would interest you.

No need to be embarrassed if this idea strikes fear in your heart. Believe it or not, a *lot* of adults are still afraid of the dark, and we’re fully aware that only seasoned thrill-seekers (read: absolutely not us) would be into steering a kayak through the water in total darkness.

So which category do you fall into? Are you frantically Googling kayak tour companies as we speak?

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Ah, we get it. You’re more interested in sitting back and watching someone else voluntarily surrender themselves to a terrifying underground abyss. Fair!

So, let’s gather around watch this kick-ass clip of daring kayakers Leo Ibarra and Rafa Ortiz taking on Southern Mexico’s Chontalcoatlan River, which partially flows through the Chontalcoatlan cave.

This act of bravery can best be described as what would happen if one of those cheesy (who are we kidding — SCARY AF) theme park water rides were to exist IRL, minus the seat belts and squirmy kid passengers staring at you because you’re an adult who’s legitimately terrified by your surroundings.

But not these guys. Together Ibarra and Ortiz boldly venture through nearly two miles of ZERO visibility, huge rocks and raging rapids, guided only by their courage and lamps that allow them to see inside the cave:

So, um…why did we recommend this again? There’s absolutely no room in our weekend plans for creepy cave-induced panic attacks, ya know? If we had to pick our route, we’d choose calmer, open waters where the only lingering threat would be a seal hitching a ride on our kayak.