Guys are finally turning the tables on girls who steal their hoodies and it’s hilarious

An unspoken problem has been plaguing men and women for decades — a problem that is just getting the opportunity for resolution. Guys are finally turning the tables on girls who have been stealing their hoodies for years.

In fact, they have been sharing their progress on social media with #TakeHerHoodie and making all of us laugh in the process. Just try and not crack a smile as you check out some of their amazing posts.

Who could blame women for wanting to steal men’s hoodies in the first place!? Men’s hoodies have been basically scientifically proven to be more comfortable and steal-worthy than our own clothes.

It’s not our fault that yours are just that much more comfy. If you want to complain, complain to clothing companies that make your clothes. And keep taking photos like these:

Let us not forget the unwritten rules of being in a relationship. Once you two are official, it’s just a matter of time before your closet becomes her closet. It’s nature, man! There is no better feeling then wearing your boyfriend’s hoodie while you make breakfast on a cold morning. That’s a fact. Same with wearing his worn concert t-shirt to bed.

We would venture so far as to say that basketball shorts are ideal for #NetflixandChill. Hopefully this movement continues and even ventures to other articles of clothing like bikinis or jeans. We cannot wait to see where men will take this brand new social media movements.