This guy’s intense Chipotle hack is causing a Twitter meltdown

Nothing divides the internet faster than a disagreement over food. We’ve seen it before with pizza and guacamole, and now we have one guy’s “brilliant” Chipotle hack to blame for the latest online debate over whether a unique approach to food consumption is worthy of disdain or admiration.

We previously outlined several of the Mexican food chain’s secret menu combinations that would change the way customers ordered their food, but Twitter user Josh Williams’ supposed Chipotle hack is an entirely new approach.

Apparently, Williams prefers to assemble his own tacos, so he asks Chipotle staff to individually package each of his ingredients. On Sunday, he shared a photo of his customized order on Twitter and, naturally, all hell broke loose.

"Started asking the folks at Chipotle to individually package my ingredients so I can assemble it all at home," Williams captioned the photo of his food. "Am I weird? Or brilliant?"

Well, it’s maybe not how we would order at Chipotle or any other fast food chain (because that takes the fun out of someone else quickly preparing and assembling the meal). Either way, the internet had some pretty strong feelings about this culinary conundrum.

Some people got right to the point, while others were rightfully confused and upset that Williams didn’t tip for being such a high-maintenance customer.

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Oof. So, clearly the internet took Williams to school for inventing a hack to keep tortillas from getting soggy, but after all was said and done (and eaten), he learned a few lessons in all of this:

Chipotle hasn’t commented on this issue, but they should be happy to know the internet will stand up for them when it counts.