This guy wore the same Billabong t-shirt in his school yearbook picture for seven years, and we applaud his commitment

Talk about a long-term commitment to a joke. From sixth through twelfth grade, one kid wore the exact same t-shirt in every school yearbook photo.

Justin Taylor, who is now a grown man working as the Global Director of Digital Marketing at Nike Basketball (no big deal), tweeted the collection of photos featuring the same Billabong t-shirt.

Taylor told Mashable he first wore the shirt in his sixth grade photo because “being into surfing was super cool and what all the cool kids were into.”

Taylor coincidentally wore the shirt again in seventh grade. Realizing he had the chance to make a pattern out of it, he decided to continue the gag through high school graduation.

"My parents weren't fans. I thought it was hilarious," he wrote in the tweet.

The internet was quick to appreciate Taylor’s commitment (and fashion sense), earning him more than 13,000 likes.

Many took the time to point out how impressed they were by a 7th grader’s subtle sense of humor. false

Others were clearly only there for the hair gel. Which, like, we get: There are some awesome hair things happening in Taylor’s senior photos.

And, in case you were wondering, the shirt still fits.

High-five, Justin.