The guy who voiced AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail” notification is now an Uber driver IRL

Brace yourself for a blast from the past: The guy who voiced AOL’s email notifications drives for Uber in Ohio. USA Today reports that a passenger named Brandee Barker hopped in the back of an Uber only to discover her driver was Elwood Edwards, the man responsible for AOL’s famous email greeting that you might recall from the ‘90s film You’ve Got Mail. If you don’t have immediate access to the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan flick, visit the movie’s website at (which feels like a virtual time warp) to hear Edwards’ classic line.

Thanks to Barker sharing her encounter online, we’re now privy to some rather sobering information about Edwards’ voiceover work for AOL. For example, he only earned $200 (!) for the voice message and it was recorded on a cassette tape, an old school recording device that made a brief comeback along with Blink 182 last year and also confused TF out a bunch of kids who couldn’t work a cassette player.

Obviously, he’s no longer a voice over actor, but he has to be one of the coolest Uber drivers out there. Here’s the video of Edwards reciting his signature catchphrase:

Wow, sounds like he’s still got it! Now pardon us while we go in search of the fountain of youth because this aging thing is getting to be a real downer.