This guy “unmatched” with a girl on Tinder, then fell for her on Reddit

Digital love works in strange ways. But while this story doesn’t have a romantic ending (yet, at least) it’s proof that we’re all a little more connected than we thought. One couple unmatched on Tinder yet found each other on Reddit in a way that’s actually pretty endearing. And even better, snails are involved in their story.

Haley, a 22-year-old, was having a pretty intriguing conversation on Tinder with a guy named Walker back in August. As an introduction, Walker asked her a pretty important and thought-provoking question. “You and a super intelligent snail both get 1 million dollars, and you both become immortal, however you die if the snail touches you,” he wrote. “It always knows where you are and slowly crawls toward you. What’s your plan?”

After asking a few questions back that might affect her answer (such as, “Do I get to know where he is?”) Haley gave a pretty detailed plan. In it, she calculated how slow the snail would move, and formulated a game plan to be as far away from the snail as possible. For example, she’d start out in Hawaii — in her mind, it’d take about 14.5 years for the snail to reconnect with her. But after that happened, she’d already be on her way to Rome. Pretty clever, if you ask us.

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She also talked about investing her money, which was a nice little addition.

But unfortunately, her response got no answer. And eventually, it disappeared, signaling an unmatch — yet thankfully after she got screenshots of what she had written. That’s why she felt comfortable posting it in the Tinder subreddit, with the username of possible-spatula. She titled the post, “He unmatched me after this. I was just trying to be thorough.”

As luck would have it, Walker happened to be reading the thread.


Of course, you’d imagine it’d be tough to prove that Walker is who he says he is. But thankfully, his roommate — who recognized both Walker and the staircase in his Tinder photo — provided proof that was later taken down after Haley spotted it.

"I'm about 99% sure this is my roommate," he said. "His name is Walker, the photo looks like him and the staircase behind him matches the one in our house. I'm going to show this to him after he gets home from Thanksgiving. OP, do you happen to be in the Houston/Clear Lake area?"

So, does this mean that there’s still a chance for love? Maybe.


One thing’s for sure — they’ve got a lot of people invested in their first date!

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