This guy tweeted that Cardi B’s outfit is too revealing, but the internet came to her rescue

Sigh. As long as the internet exists, there will always be trolls lurking around somewhere. One troll in particular came out to play when singer/rapper Cardi B posted a smokin’ hot photo of herself on Instagram. Apparently, this guy just could not handle how amazing she looked while rocking a pair of black jeans and a strapless red bodysuit. He tweeted his thoughts on the matter.

As you can imagine, a lot of people weren’t too happy with his point of view, because, well, since when is it his business (or any human’s business, for that matter) what Cardi B chooses to wear? Cue the incoming of amazing responses that put this jerk in his place once and for all.


Women came out to back up Cardi B and remind the world that there’s “nothing wrong” with what she has on, and that we definitely don’t dress up for anyone other than ourselves. It got even better, though, when a guy by the name of Kar Logan added to the conversation. false

The whole thing was getting so ridiculous that Kar had to drop a little humor in there, and it definitely lightened the mood. He was retweeted over 88,000 times. People were loving it.


In an interview with Buzzfeed, Kar says he thinks men should be more “mindful” about what they say, because it’s not their job to police what women do with their bodies. AMEN.

"A guy really shouldn’t be that offended with his girlfriend going out looking fine. Dudes have to be mindful of what messages they’re putting out when they say stuff like that."

You tell ’em, Kar. #fistpump

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