This guy tried to rap after eating a ghost pepper, but it quickly turned into a slimy mess

Welcome to today’s most masochistic moment: This guy tried to rap after eating a ghost pepper because he obviously enjoys the sensation of pain and extreme heat consuming his entire being. Hey, we all have our hobbies. So, despite the fact that we really hate to see people inflict this torture upon their mouths, the ghost pepper challenge rages on.

Now, when science said spicy food leads to a longer life and credited the tongue-searing fare with lessening the effects of muscle cramps, we immediately added some spicier selections to our grocery lists — except for ghost peppers, aka one of the world’s hottest.

Honestly, our wimpy palates want no parts of that food fuckery, but rapper Mac Lethal is clearly far braver than we are because he actually consumed a ghost pepper and had the gall to try and rap his way through the aftermath.

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Who knows? That will remain one of the internet’s unsolved mysteries for now. Even though his attempt quickly dissolves into a slimy mess, we have to admit that watching Lethal try to spit rhymes through sweat and tears is mildly entertaining in a sick sort of way.

Before he introduces his latest rap-related challenge with a few bars, he warns us against trying this at home, while directly contradicting his own advice because taking challenges from his YouTube subscribers is apparently more important than having properly functioning taste buds.

A few seconds after biting into the pepper, it becomes quite evident that Lethal’s peppery rap will not end well.

BRUTAL. There you have it, people. This is the same guy who damn near rapped for 90 seconds straight on a single breath, so you know this pepper had to be incredibly hot for him to stop rapping altogether.

So, does anyone else think we should completely banish ghost peppers from the face of the Earth?