This guy set the new Rubik’s cube world record and you will not understand how he did it that fast

In the latest round of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it activity, a 20-year-old guy set the new Rubik’s cube world speed record and we are equally baffled and amazed by how quickly this hero of hand-eye coordination managed to accomplish a feat that, quite frankly, still leaves our brains fried and begging for mercy after every failed attempt.

In a mind-boggling 4.74 seconds, Mats Valk of the Netherlands dethroned the teen who held the Rubik’s cube world record last year with a completion time of 4.9 seconds. While Valk’s fingers didn’t move like the robot that solved the Rubik’s cube in one second, we’re not holding that against him because he is a) human and b) obviously capable of mastering something that has been known to cause tantrums, extreme frustration and feelings of worthlessness in would-be puzzle solvers worldwide.

So, just look at Valk’s fingers go and the list of simple tasks it takes you much longer to complete will flood your brain, along with a huge wave of incompetence and embarrassment.

WAIT…WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! Why don’t our brains work that fast?! *throws adult tantrum and stomps away*

We’re a bit stumped at the moment, but one clear thought comes to mind: Valk is officially the new face of neurological function envy.