This guy rode a hoverboard on the edge of a building, and we’re cringing SO hard

Well, this is needlessly terrifying. Someone thought it was a bright idea to ride a hoverboard on the edge of a building, and owwie, we’re cringing SO hard right now. Seriously, what kind of life do you live when “balance on a hoverboard on a high rise building ledge” is a legitimate task on your daily to-do list? If it isn’t already obvious, we’re way too chicken to find out for ourselves, but thanks to a YouTube video that captures the baffling act in progress, we can sweat, shake, and experience vertigo from the comfort of our couches.

Despite encountering some trouble since they hit the market, like exploding and catching fire, hoverboards aren’t going anywhere any time soon, except places they definitely don’t belong — aka the rim of a high rise building.

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At a spine-chilling 55 seconds, the clip of the latest daredevil dude and his hoverboard was filmed in May from the top of a building in Hong Kong. It’s almost too painful to watch, yet we can’t manage to tear ourselves away from it.

Immediately, the video starts out with a dizzying view, thanks to hoverboard guy twirling a selfie stick around in order to get the perfect angle. Do yourselves a favor and definitely watch the full video sitting down.

Ugh, we understand how important it was for him to get the right shot — it’s not every day that you ride a hoverboard on a building ledge — but it’s essential for us to keep the last meal we ate inside our stomachs, so we probably won’t watch this again.