A guy riding on a helicopter rope ladder wearing a tux looks as insane as it sounds

When the average person’s life becomes unbearably monotonous, they might buy new clothing, try out a new restaurant or dye their hair. But those mundane changes probably won’t satisfy a thrill-seeker like filmmaker Casey Neistat, who rode on a helicopter rope ladder while wearing a tux. Evening wear doesn’t seem to be the most fitting attire for this event but hey — fashion makes some people feel powerful, which is most necessary when you’re executing what Neistat refers to as the “stupidest, best, worst idea ever.”

To catch you up on Neistat, he’s the filmmaker who recently showed us what it’s like to fly in a $21,000 first-class airline seat (Hint: It’s classy AF). His latest flying adventure is exactly how we imagine a typical day in the life of a stunt man would go: wake up, get dressed and go through a safety briefing so you can voluntarily dangle from a moving helicopter:


All we have to say about this is HELL TO THE NO THANK YOU.

Watching Neistat’s stunt man move is cool and all, but we’ll leave the daredevil lifestyle to the pros.