This guy reviewed a chicken restaurant, and his food critiquing skills are *so* on point

We’re not afraid to admit that we’ve had way too much fun scrolling through online restaurant reviews. Every so often, we come across one that stands out from the rest, like this Londoner who reviewed a chicken joint and completely blew us away with his impeccable food critiquing skills. Known on YouTube as the “Chicken Connoisseur,” this baby-faced 23-year-old (!) most recently offered his thorough analysis of chicken meal he purchased from the UK’s Chick King like a well-seasoned restaurant critic and his skills are *so* on point.

According to Buzzfeed, Elijah Quashie’s latest online review is a part of a chicken restaurant review series titled “The Pengest Munch” (as The Mirror writes, it’s slang for the tastiest) and his video has officially become a viral sensation.

For starters, he’s a total boss and he knows it:

Honestly, he should consider writing a dissertation on chicken restaurants ASAP because his critiques are superb are beyond detailed. We would’ve been satisfied with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down, but Quashie goes ALL THE WAY IN when describing his chicken-eating experience.

But why wouldn’t he? Look at this face. THIS DUDE LOVES HIS CHICKEN.

After giving the chips (aka fries) a mere 3.5 out of five, he describes the wings as “fairly fresh,” and falling “off the bone quite well.” Even though the chicken was “quite succulent” and boasted a unique bread crumb texture, overall Quashie was less than impressed by its “weak” flavor.

Because we’ve never been so entertained by watching someone talk about chicken, we’re officially campaigning for this guy to get his own reality show.