A guy refused to stop smoking by a gas pump, hero gas station employee sprayed him with a fire extinguisher

Some rules are made to be broken, like wearing white after Labor Day or eating carbs right before bed. But there are other rules that legitimately keep us alive, so it’s better to abide by them.

And when people don’t follow certain rules and put other people in danger, they should get called out. Like this hero gas station employee who used a fire extinguisher on a guy who wouldn’t stop smoking by a gas pump. Slow clap.

But really, don’t smoke at a gas station.

At almost every gas station, you’ll see a sign that says “Don’t Smoke.” That’s because fire and gas don’t mix. If your pump drips a little and gets gas on you, you could be flammable. If there’s a leak, which hopefully there never is, that open flame could cause major damage and hurt a lot of people.

Which brings us to this gas station hero.

When one dangerous rule-breaker showed up with a lit cigarette and (presumably) wouldn’t put it out upon request, the gas station employee took matters into his own hands and literally sprayed the guy with a fire extinguisher. Brilliant.


And while some might say the employee’s antics were a little extreme, if it helped keep others safe and potentially taught this guy a lesson, we say, bravo. We have a feeling this rogue cigarette smoker won’t be rolling up to any more gas stations with an open flame — which is ultimately a very good thing. So three cheers for this zealous employee. Keep up the good work, sir!