This guy recorded himself talking in his sleep for a year, and his nocturnal rants are hilarious

What you do in your sleep is absolutely none of our business, unless you’re this guy who recorded himself talking in his sleep over the course of a year. In that case, we have no problem admitting that we are indeed all up in his nighttime biz because A) he volunteered this info, and B) his nocturnal convos are actually beyond hilarious and totally worth the listen, even if they’re largely comprised of words with no English equivalent.

According to his YouTube video “The Somniloquist,” filmmaker Adam Rosenberg’s friends claimed his sleep talking is so intense that he decided to perform this unique audio experiment to get to the bottom of precisely WTF he babbles about every night.

Before getting into his big sleep-talk reveal, Rosenberg ponders the meaning of his relentless nighttime soliloquies:

After being told of my midnight monologues by multiple friends I decided to start recording myself. …So what does it all mean? Is there significance to the things I say in my sleep or is it just meaningless rambling – the insignificant reflex of an unconscious mind? My guess is the latter.

– Adam

LOLz. Dude, we also have no friggin’ clue what phrases like “Wha-Shwanie Miney” or “Two Ally Wednesday Allum Larrium” mean (although the latter sounds like a two-for-one drink deal), but according to Psychology Today, sleep talking could mean a number of things.

For instance, it could mean that you’re really stressed, depressed, sleep-deprived, or suffering from nocturnal seizures, among other ailments. But you and your fellow sleep-talkers shouldn’t worry too much about that gibberish you’re spouting in your sleep because none of it is admissible in a court of law, which means your non-secrets are safe — for now.