This guy impressively bombarded his girlfriend with puns for an entire hike

Moment of truth, you guys. If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good play on words. I just adore a dorky pun. The dorkier, the better. Are you with me? (Come on, you know you are.)

So, of course we’re all crushing hard on a guy who posted a video to YouTube two days ago of himself bombarding his girlfriend with nature puns while they were out on a hike. We’re not talking one or two rock jokes here. He’s all in. The puns keep coming for the ENTIRE trek. I counted sixteen puns in all. That’s commitment.

Gary Pointon posted the video, and he captioned it, “Traversing the Waitekere ranges in New Zealand, more than enough puns to prod Eve with during the whole thing.”

We have to say, Eve takes the whole thing in stride. She manages to keep a pretty straight face for the duration, but there are moments when you can tell she’s about to crack. Like when he asks if she’ll “waterfall” for him. Or when he says things like this…

Or this…

My favorite might be when he lovingly implores, “Evie, are we best fronds?” (Get it? Palm fronds. HAHAHA.)

His effort is impressive. Way impressive. We can’t help wondering if he had these lines planned out ahead of time. I mean, is it even possible to have so many adorable hiking puns at the ready like that? Plus, he gets bonus points for delivering them in an accent that is downright swoonworthy. At one point in the video, when walking down a gravel path, he tells Eve that if she “gravels” he’ll stop. (So silly it’s adorable!) Please, don’t stop, Gary. Please.

No ani-moss-ity here! None whatsoever.

Check out the video in its glorious entirely below. It will make you want to go for a walk in the woods — especially if Gary is around to narrate it.

(All images and video via here and YouTube.)