This guy proposed to his GF in the middle of a gravity-defying yoga pose, and the video is insane

Among all the crazy and creative and amazing marriage proposals we’ve heard of, this one is giving us an insane boost of inspo to get out there and live life to the fullest! This yogi’s gravity-defying marriage proposal is everything, literally. Talk about striking a pose to get the ball rolling!

You’d think that a proposal on the beach in Hawaii would be cool enough, but Alec Horan presented a ring and popped the question to Steph Gardner while they were practicing their acroyoga moves! That’s yoga and acrobatics (for those daring individuals out there!). And for the big moment, she was balanced on his feet, staring at him upside-down.

Seriously, this is insane.

And the best part? That upside-down Spiderman kiss! OBVI.


This was the first time they had filmed their moves and posted a video, BTW. Horan knew exactly what he was doing, and Steph was definitely surprised! Could anything be more romantic?!

Then when they disentangled themselves, Horan got down on one knee and did the traditional proposal. You might have inferred this already, but she said YES. We couldn’t be happier for this couple!

Let’s take a look at more of that acroyoga.

WHOA. This takes serious practice and patience.

Is it weird to bookmark this Instagram account? Because we just did.

Wishing these two the very best as they continue with their yoga adventures as an engaged couple!

Can the wedding be acroyoga-themed as well? Just a hint, guys…


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