Talenti custom-made a gelato carton so this guy could propose to his girlfriend

Romance is not dead, people. We repeat, romance is not dead. Luke Munsterteiger proved this fact to the world when he proposed to his girlfriend, Else Schmit, using a customized tub of Talenti gelato. We promise we are not making this up. Here’s how it all went down.

Luke and Else are notorious for sharing a carton of Talenti. It’s one of the things they love to do together, so when Luke asked his mom and Else’s sister for ideas on how to create a unique proposal, they insisted he somehow incorporate ice cream. He could have just strategically placed the ring in her ice cream bowl or taken her out for a scoop somewhere special and dropped to one knee, but no, Luke is way more romantic than that.


He contacted Talenti directly, and they agreed to help him out. They shipped him a tub of Fudge Brownie, which was renamed as “Else, Will You Marry Me?” Wait, that’s not all. At the top, above the Talenti logo, the company placed three emojis that the couple regularly sends back and forth to each other: heart, multiplication symbol, infinity. Because, well, they love each other forever.

Luke then took Else on what seemed like a routine shopping trip, and he planted the Talenti tub in the freezer while Else was distracted by her mom. “I snuck it into the store under my coat and then placed it toward the back, hoping no one would take it by mistake,” Luke said.

When Luke brought Else to the ice cream section, he tried to guide her to pick out his tub, but she almost picked the completely wrong flavor. She finally reached for the right one, and was shocked at what she saw on the front. “As I picked it up and read it I couldn’t believe it — there was no way!” Else said.

“Luke had taken a step back so when I turned around he was already on one knee,” Else said.

That’s when he handed over the ring, which was a a family heirloom from the 1920s. Luckily, Else’s mom and sister were there to capture the special moment. We imagine that Talenti carton will be kept by the happy couple for a very, very long time.

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