This guy practiced piano for more than 500 hours, so maybe sticking to goals *does* matter

For those of us staring hopelessly at the huge gap between reality and our goals, here’s some major encouragement for ya: This guy filmed over 500 hours of piano practice, and his progress was so incredible that we’re ready to take life by the horns (yet again).

Over a period of 18 months, Jordan Nexhip taught himself to play piano, which makes this feat even more impressive. If you’ve ever learned to play piano or any other musical instrument, then you already know that studying music makes you smarter, but that won’t happen unless you put in time.

Practicing the skill works parts of your brain you didn’t even know existed, and after all of the effort, you still might end up playing more like keyboard cat instead of the mini Mozart you aspired to be.

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Fortunately, Nexhip was fully committed to learning the piano. Inspired by the music of Animez, Nexhip filmed 18 months’ worth of practice and edited all 500+ hours of his combined session down into a 5-minute video.

He posted the clip on YouTube, encouraging viewers to share it with others interested in learning to play.

Over time, Nexhip went from being a complete piano novice to arranging and composing his own pieces, but it didn’t come without struggles. During the 5-minute video, he ‘fesses up to completely abandoning his practice during the fifth month of learning, but he eventually got back on track and worked hard at refining his skills.

Ah-mazing and inspiring! Now let’s all take a cue from Nexhip and start slaying those goals.