This guy photobombed his wife’s workout video, and it did not end well

In what is possibly one of the most painful fails we’ve witnessed, this guy tried to photobomb his wife’s workout video, but it did not end well. Karli Jaeckel runs an Instagram account that focuses on fitness, family and fun, but one of her recent posts offers a visual lesson in what happens when you break all the rules of photobombing in one shot.

For starters, the potentially hilarious photobomb pose Jaeckel’s husband attempted didn’t appear to be well thought-out. Photobombs are meant to be quick and easily executed, and this one was just…not. Judging by the results, the risk definitely wasn’t worth the payout.

We must warn you: This photobomb fall is seriously no joke, so if you’re particularly sensitive to these types of things, you might want to bypass the end of the video.

"When your husband attempts a sweet move to photo bomb your workout video, and it totally back fires 🙈🙈🙈🙈," Jaeckel wrote on Instagram.

Oof. Our bones are aching for him.

We assumed that this fall resulted in a serious injury (or at least a massive headache) but fortunately Jaeckel assures everyone that her husband is doing fine, telling her followers, “He’s okay!!! We just hope it didn’t take off too much life on his brain.”

In case anyone had any doubts about his well-being, he’s back up and at ’em, and this time, Jaeckel’s SO is doing a proper appearance in her workout video instead of lurking (and um, falling) in the background:

TOO CUTE. Hopefully he’ll stick to the workouts in the future and leave the photobombing to the pros.