A guy and his pet kangaroo hit the beach together and it’s the cutest thing ever

Imagine going for a run on the beach and stumbling upon a guy and his pet kangaroo building sand castles like it’s a totally normal thing to do. For Australian YouTuber Jackson O’Doherty, that’s actually only one of the few ways he and his baby kangaroo Damian pass the time. We’re guessing that paid leave for pet owners isn’t an option for O’Doherty because he literally takes his kangaroo everywhere.

Honestly, who needs bros when you have a joey to willingly hop alongside you during a supermarket run or have lunch with you on the job? O’Doherty and the kangaroo start their day out at the playground where they swing and then go for a run through a field.


Then they hop together because, DUH.


We love animals, but there comes a point in O’Doherty’s video where he and his female friend (yeah, Damian’s a girl) get a little too close for comfort by peeing together. Their bond is super adorable, but that’s just way tew much.


As The Daily Dot points out, not everyone is so supportive of this closeness between human and animal. As some Reddit and YouTube comments pointed out, having a ‘roo as a pet is illegal. But according to the Australian Wildlife society, citizens are allowed to keep kangaroos as pets as long as they have a license.

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