This guy paraglided during a New Year’s Eve fireworks display and the views are stunning

Quite often, the new year ushers in a spirit of courage and thrill-seeking, which might be why this guy decided to paraglide during a New Year’s Eve fireworks show over Radom, Poland. Then again, his daredevil tendencies probably developed long before the arrival of 2017 — this flyover isn’t something we can see an unseasoned adrenaline junkie attempting.

The four and a half minute Sky-life clip will appeal to anyone who had a lazy New Year’s Eve and opted out of celebrating or those who suffered from alcohol-induced blurred vision and totally missed the festive New Year’s Eve comet that lit up the night sky.

So, what’s the next best thing to Mother Nature’s light show? These stunning #views from the paraglider’s camera, which captured the man-made light production taking place on the ground below.

He starts by cranking up his vehicle, which is equipped with red neon lights.

Then he picks up speed and the situation goes from cool to scary AF.

But back to cool again because this view is EVERYTHING.

Gorgeous! We’re huge fans of fireworks like this dazzling display over Malta or the New Year’s fireworks show at Disney World, but we’ve never quite seen it from this perspective.

Hmm… We may or may not have just added flying over a city during a fireworks show to our bucket list, which gives us six months (hai, July 4th) to work up the nerve.