This guy opened a 9-year-old Easter egg, so prepare to be supremely grossed out

Anyone planning to organize an egg hunt for this year’s festivities would do well to watch this video of a guy opening a 9-year-old Easter egg. Yes, the mere idea of what lies inside its shell already has us making a Stinky McYuck face in advance, however let this be a lesson to all of us who have avoided the understandably dreadful task that is thorough post-party cleanup. Consider yourself warned: Fail to utilize your best holiday cleaning hacks today, and recover a nearly, decade-old rotten Easter egg later.

Really, it’s your choice, but we encourage you to err on the side of caution and clean everything in and out of sight after your annual Easter hunt because the inside of an old ass egg is more disgusting than you could ever imagine.

Actually, it’s downright frightening and will probably haunt your nightmares for years to come.

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YouTuber Reddit McReddit uploaded a clip of the egg in question, writing:

"My parents had some furniture in storage from mid-2008 until early 2017. Today, we found an egg from our 2008 Easter-egg-hunt hiding behind the couch cushion."

Um, that’s the scariest egg intro ever, but since you can’t possibly turn back now, brace yourselves for the stomach-churning sight he discovered upon cracking the shell. First, he cautiously (and smartly) pokes and prods the multi-colored egg, then he picks it up and shakes it for a few seconds.

Then, McReddit goes in for the kill, shattering the shell with a knife, and…

OMIGAWD, WTF. Cannot. Stop. Dry-heaving. Sheesh, y’all. We finally think we found something related to this holiday that should scare kids more than the Easter bunny.