This guy filmed his motorcycle ride through the Himalayas and the footage is breathtaking

Now, here’s something majorly impressive that will also make you feel even worse about your monthly loafing levels. A YouTuber who goes by the name of “GoPro Man” documented his motorcycle ride through the Himalayas, a trip that totaled 3,300 miles over 23 days. We can only imagine how exhausting that must’ve felt, especially given the brutal effects altitude acclimation can have on the body. But thanks to his on-body camera, we get to see a ton of what he saw and the footage is breathtaking.

According to the itinerary in the video description, GoPro Man’s voyage through the mountains began in Chandigarh, India and ended in Bangalore. In the nine and half minute-clip, he can be seen rounding narrow curves on a steep mountainside, riding through a massive flock of sheep and enjoying downtime with locals. Needless to say, his views from the Himalayas were everything:

Of his trip, he wrote:

"I am not sure what I am feeling about the complete ride but feels like I am a different person now from the day I set out for the ride. So many things I learnt on the way, so many places I saw and so many people met on the road. Not very good at expressing what I feel about the ride but this one ride is going to be special for many reasons. My vocabulary is limited to describe the beauty of Himalayas, one must visit to experience it first hand."

Here are a few of his pics from the trip:

Sighs. BRB, we’re off to vicariously fulfill our #travelgoals through GoPro Man’s Instagram.