This guy met a fox on the street and they’re officially BFFs

If you need more proof that animals often make better companions than humans, look no further than this video from Uproxx that shows a guy who made friends with a fox on the streets of London. Instead of a ferocious, Animal Planet-worthy battle between man and beast, this dude and a random fox quickly became BFFs and their super sweet exchange has us seriously ready to adopt a pet fox.

In YouTuber Henry Hoffman’s clip titled “Fox Friend,” the furry creature can be seen behaving in a manner that’s strikingly similar to the human-raised fox that acted like a dog, playfully trailing his new human friend and even engaging in a game of tug o’ war.

“So, I’m just chilling out with the fox right now,” Hoffman says in the video. “And he is my mate, which is kind of cool. He likes to play with my bag and we’re just hangin’ out right now.”

After the fox literally attached himself to Hoffman’s bag, we weren’t really sure if the animal was more in love with his newfound friend or the contents of his bag. At one point the fox begins to fall asleep, leaving Hoffman no choice but to give the animal a much-needed head rub.

GAH! Eventually, the fox scampered away, but not before Hoffman saved him from getting hit by a bus.

We are die-hard dog lovers, but we totally just added pet fox to our holiday wish list.