This guy made the “world’s largest Pumpkin Spice Latte” and drank it unbelievably fast

We have some sobering news to deliver: Your commitment to pumpkin spice lattes isn’t as solid as you thought it was. Honestly, if you loved PSLs as much as you *say* you do, then you would’ve already drank the world’s largest pumpkin spice latte, and we wouldn’t be hearing about the guy who actually did the deed from Cosmo.

You know, people say they’re obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes all the time, but a competitive eater named Matt “Megatoad” Stonie recently put his latte-dipped money where his mouth is. In a video he posted to YouTube, Stonie can be seen preparing a huge ass PSL that he says is the planet’s largest.

Seriously, get a load of this thing:

Yes, folks: This is the true story of seven venti PSLs, a ton of whipped cream and a ridiculous amount of pumpkin spice picked to float in a cup and have their flavors combined. Find out what happens when Stonie downs the entire thing IN UNDER TWO MINUTES.

We probably wouldn’t believe it either if there wasn’t footage:

Ugh, does anyone else suddenly feel a caffeine-induced coma coming on?