This guy rapped about his cat while in the bathtub with his cat, and it’s the ultimate #caturday theme song

We have a lot of wonderful things to say about cats, but we’re not sure the manner in which we express our abundant adoration for felines measures up to this guy who rapped about his cat. As Uproxx reports, the self-proclaimed “cat rapper” (which should totally be an actual music genre, btw) is none other than Dwayne Molock of Portland, Oregon, who goes by his stage name Moshow. His girlfriend shared a Facebook of Moshow dropping a few bars while giving one of his four cuddly kitties a bath and it’s easily one of the best animal moments the Internet has ever seen.

Before the year comes to a close, we just want to go ahead and unofficially award Moshow the title of best cat parent of 2016 because he unabashedly ~lurves~ his cats. If it wasn’t for the fact that his GF filmed the video, we’d assume this cat is his significant other because look at this glorious display of intimacy between man and feline:

If you’re thinking that Moshow needs to take his cat show on the road, we totally agree because he’s got the cat music catalogue to give the people what they want.

Here’s an animal-friendly track titled “Love Your Cats”:


“Cat Emotions” because cats make you feel things:

In addition to an Animal Planet appearance, the cat-loving rapper teamed up with Oregon Humane Society to create “Adopt a Cat” because, as he raps, he’s gotta BUNCH of cat love and there’s no stoppin’ that.

That auto-tuned meow, tho…

SIGHS. We are officially obsessed with this guy and thanks to him, our #Caturday playlist is all the way lit.