This couple made a fake movie trailer for their wedding after meeting on Tinder and it’s adorable

Actor/Comedian Doug Bass and his wife Cassi Pires met on Tinder. Then they got married.

Okay, maybe it didn’t happen that fast, but according to the fake movie trailer they made for their wedding, it all went down in a pretty epic and awesome fashion.

The trailer follows the typical romance film/chick flick formula. Man is down and out, his friends try to inspire him to get his shit together. One of them introduces him to Tinder. The fake film is adorably called, “Love at First Swipe.” Awwww.

Have you heard of Tinder? I’ve gotten laid once in six months using it.”


Man swipes through some muck until he lands on a profile of a lovely woman. He swipes right.

“The moment I saw her… I knew.”

They meet. It goes well.

“I swiped right and I’m in love.”

But he lives in Los Angeles. She lives in New York. Things start off with a bang, but then get complicated.

“You really think this is going to solve anything? Walking away in the middle of the desert?”

Some explosions.


She goes back to New York. He crosses a tiny bridge.


Then he crosses a metaphorical bridge: he goes after her. The rest is history.

“We both got it right by swiping right.”

Doug and Cassi have given us hope. They got married on September 18, 2016 in Wethersfield, CT.

Romance is alive, people. And Tinder works, apparently!

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