This guy live-tweeted a love story between two cafe employees and it’s the cutest thing in the world

In case you thought the true love might not exist, this one guy tweeted the sweetest IRL love story between two cafe employees and it’s warming our heart.

Is there anything better than having your faith in humanity restored through a beautiful story of romance? Whether it be celebrities, presidents (Barak x Michelle’s story is ADORABLE), the Prime Minister of Canada, or just true love found through social media, stories about people falling for each other make our hearts swell and give us that soft, warm, and fuzzy feeling inside.

Now we’ve got another heart wrenching love story to add to those beautiful and romantic moments.

This story comes courtesy of Jerry, a Brooklyn resident who, while having a coffee in a cafe, witnessed what can happen when true love sprouts right before your eyes.

In a flurry of tweets, Jerry explained that he was the only person in a cafe when he overheard one of the employees tell her co-worker that she had a crush on him.

The girl had, in fact, been crushing on her colleague for SIX MONTHS. After the revelation, the guy barista said that he had to go and think about what had just occurred.

Jerry, of course, had to find out what would happen next.

Then the most amazing thing happen…

O-M-G! We can’t imagine being witness to that but we’d probably start cheering like we were in a sitcom/teen movie/or something.

Jerry then explained that the pair returned holding hands, obviously head over heels for each other.

Ultimately, the whole romantic almost filmic moment was something that we could all do with given the year we’ve all suffered through.

"I'm leaving now because they're closing," Jerry wrote, "but tonight has firmly renewed my faith in humanity LOVE IS OUT THERE, BE LIKE CAFÉ GIRL AND FIND IT."

This story is just the sweetest, cutest thing we’ve ever heard. While some people on Twitter have questioned its validity, we sort of don’t care if it’s fake or not (although WE HOPE IT’S REAL FOR CAFÉ GIRLS SAKE), it’s still such a nice and heartwarming tale of love overcoming obstacles and it all working out in the end.

Fairytales are real, yo.

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