This guy just stood above an erupting volcano like it’s NBD and the footage is terrifyingly beautiful

While we were all recovering from our Labor Day weekend hijinks, travel vlogger Ryan Purvis was busy realizing his #travelgoals by standing above an erupting volcano. Needless to say, the footage he captured is equal parts terrifying and beautiful.

After trekking up Indonesia’s Mount Semeru, Purvis found himself chillin’ on top of the world at the most opportune moment. The video he shared on YouTube opens with a breathtaking view of the volcano erupting just before sunrise. Then Purvis moves in for a closer view and winds up with the money shot.

Aside from watching Volcano a bunch of times, our personal expertise on what to do when a volcano erupts anywhere in the vicinity is severely limited. However, we’re going to go out on a mountainside tree-limb and say that this probably wasn’t the safest place to be when Earth decided to spew its guts all over the place. But if you’re going for selfie bragging rights, you might as well go big, which is why Purvis’ experience ranks right up there with being photobombed by a whale.

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