This guy made his wife a real Pensieve from “Harry Potter” and it’s too romantic

We’ve probably all wanted to be able to use a Pensieve from Harry Potter, right? Who wouldn’t want to be able to revisit their memories, or venture into the memories of others? We know that we’d absolutely love to see certain historical events first time, or re-live those special moments in our own lives. Mainly, however, we just wish we could be witches and wizards, head to Hogwarts, and live our best magical lives.

That’s why we totally love it when we see people turning their Harry Potter fantasies into real life things, like photoshoots with their newborn babies, or comfy sweaters.

However, one man has taken making Harry Potter into an IRL experience to the next level.

Reddit user DuffManSzALotAThings shared how he made his wife a real life Pensieve for their wedding and it’s so cute, adorable, and actually the definition of #relationshipgoals, tbh.

Firstly, he made a bowl in a pottery class (just like a Pensieve bowl) and engraved it with the Deathly Hallows symbol and his and his wife’s initials.


Then he bought a wand from Etsy and fashioned a magnet on to the end of it.


Here’s where things get super romantic. DuffManSzALotAThings then put a bunch of memories written on to shiny paper into tiny bottles and attached another magnet to the bottom. He then placed them into the Pensieve

When you used the wand near the Pensieve a memory would fly out, just like in Harry Potter!


Check out the full Pensieve experience below. It’s SO magical.

I made my wife a Pensieve (from Harry Potter) for her wedding gift.

Omg, our favorite part of this whole thing isn’t just that it’s so detailed, thoughtful, and lovely. It’s that there are a whole bunch of empty bottles for future memories. Ahhhhh, so cute!


Okay, we can’t quite handle this. Not only is it actually really cool, but it’s so romantic that it actually hurts. He even got her a tiny delivery owl!

What’s more, DuffManSzALotAThing also explained exactly how he made each step, and even explained where you can pick up the bits to make it.

We have to say, though, this probably is hands down the best Harry Potter-themed present we’ve ever seen. Now we just need to find us someone who’ll make us one…

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