This guy is handing out doughnuts with his resume and it’s kind of brilliant

With more college students entering the work force by the day, finding a job has admittingly been hard for a lot of us. We’re all looking for that special thing that will set us apart from the other candidates, forcing a lot of us to tap into the creative side of our brains more than we ever have before.

As reported by Business Insider, one marketing professional took the internet by storm when he came up with an innovative way to get his resume in the hands of Silicon Valley department heads. Instead of sending it in via email like the rest of us, Lukas Yla posed as a Postmates worker and hand delivered his resume in a box of doughnuts to each company he was pursuing.


Talk about taking the initiative!


And if you were wondering whether or not Lukas’ sweet jester went unnoticed, let’s just say he’s caught the eyes from some of the industry’s finest entrepreneurs — one of them being Postmates CEO Bastian Lehmann.

Once Lehmann got wind of Lukas’ story, he invited him to coffee over Twitter! Goes to show that there’s no such thing as being too forward when in pursuit of your dream job. Sure, you may rub some the wrong way, but you’ll be that much closer to landing the perfect position.