This guy gave homeless cats hilarious “likes and dislikes” to help them get adopted

It doesn’t really get much better than cats and funny signs! That’s why we’re so obsessed with this guy who decided to combine the two! In order to help cats at his local shelter in Los Angeles get adopted, he put up funny signs about their preferences. They’re, of course, totally weird and funny. The likes tend to be kind of normal like “sleeping in the sun.” The dislikes however tend to imply the cats are time travelers or revolutionaries. Which honestly, if you know any cats is pretty spot on!

The best part is that these cats are all up for adopting at Santa D’Or Adoption Center!

So if you see any cats who “likes” or “dislikes” match up with your own, feel free to contact them!

Lola loves sleeping in sunbeams, and uh, feudal Japan?

We have a feeling you will be totally safe, Lola! We don’t know many time travelers, and if you meet one we’re sure they’ll understand!

Leche likes being social and dislikes the wage gap!

We cannot wait to talk economic politics with you, Leche! You sound like you have lots of good ideas!

Delores likes staring out the window, and hates the warlock that trapped her in the body of a cat!

Seriously, screw that guy! You’re way too good for him Delores! We’ll take care of you!

The guy who posted these wrote on BoredPanda that they are part of a larger ongoing project called Obvious Plant, which aims to put funny signs in public. We’re all about it! We love these cat personals, and can’t wait to see what they post next!