This guy dresses like a dinosaur and hilariously photobombs famous people

You may have never met Lorenz Valentino, but he’s got some pretty famous and powerful friends. At least, that’s what his Insta page may lead you to believe.

If you don’t remember seeing him before in that pic, that’s because he was ~technically~ not there. And, this may come as a shock, but he was also not originally in the background of this famous iconic picture.

But not being able to time-travel (despite what some of his pictures may lead you to believe) nor having A-list celeb friends doesn’t stop him from posing with some of the most rich and powerful people in the world.

Valentino is an actor and model who’s got photoshopping himself next to famous people and into iconic moments down to an art.

His Insta page is filled with tons of pics of him photobombing some of the most memorable moments (and people) in recent history.

Oh, and he wears a dinosaur outfit in every single one.

Valentino (aka our new hero) has this photoshop photobomb down to a science.

[suheader] He can even make us crack up while playing groupie to one of the most terrifying villains in recent movie history. [/subheader]

Basically, we are obsessed and can’t wait to see more of what this absolutely hilarious and talented dinosaur-man can do.

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