This guy dressed up as Disney princes for a week, and we’ve fallen head over heels

We’re burning our little black book because we’ve found the man of our dreams. Cosplayer Jonathan Stryker dressed up as Disney princes for a week, and we have fallen deeply in love. His costumes are flawless. His makeup application is on-point. And how in the heck does he nail each character’s personality in a single pic? It’s all too much. We have to take a deep breath.

At the end of August, Stryker declared it “Disney Week” on his Instagram page, strykerkun. His first undertaking was to transform himself into Aladdin.

"Aladdin was probably one of the first movies I ever saw as a kid. I know some of the songs but in Spanish," Stryker wrote in his Instagram caption.

Also, please keep in mind that Stryker makes all of his own costumes. He’s the real deal.

Next up was our ultimate fave — Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. Stryker nailed Eric’s effortless hairdo and that confident smirk that made us believe in love for the first time.

Then Stryker took on funny-man Emperor Kuzco. The pose is almost too perfect.

And then he mastered the highly underrated Milo from Atlantis.

We can say for sure that Stryker did get Flynn Rider’s nose right in his portrayal.

No. Words.

Stryker went the freaking distance with his Hercules cosplay.

And honestly, we’re also in love with Stryker’s Simba. Sorry not sorry.

We’re big fans — huge fans, actually. Stryker absolutely killed each and every Disney prince he replicated. We love our Disney princesses, don’t get us wrong. But let’s just say we have a newfound appreciation for their counterparts!

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