This guy literally went the distance to ask a girl to prom

It’s that time of year again when we start obsessing over all-things prom related. Whether it’s celebrating the non-profits lifting the prom financial burdens from students, or celebrities accompanying their fans to the major event — we can’t help but to follow every detail.

Our latest obsession comes from Twitter user @claire_short_13 and her brilliant invitation to the high school dance. Her date went above and beyond to ask for her hand, and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen. No, he didn’t hire Claire’s favorite band to serenade her, or throw a cute flashmob to ask her to accompany him. Instead, he used his talent and a bit of endurance to do the trick — making it one for the books.

Claire made sure to post the evidence on Twitter that she had the best prom ask ever, just in case anyone thought otherwise.

Super cute, right?! Claire is one lucky girl. It took her now-date a total of five and half miles to spell out “PROM?” And this really showed just how dedicated he was to the cause.

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But, the social media reactions to Claire’s date’s gesture are the best part of this whole situation.


There’s a bit of envy brewing after witnessing all of this cuteness. See? There’s no reason to need to drop tons of money on a memorable prom ask. You can even get your daily (weekly??) miles in while doing it!

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