This guy danced to the BBC News theme music and totally killed it

Sometimes, the most unlikely tune prompts you to get your groove on. You flip on the news after work and just as you remove and fling your bra to parts unknown, the broadcast music puts you in the zone like this guy who danced to the BBC News theme music on live TV and totally killed it (he almost injured himself too, but more on that later…)

According to Metro, a few days prior to his appearance, a news reporter filmed Corville Cuffy, aka the BBC News dancer, break dancing to the same music in Central London’s Leicester Square. His impressive choreography landed him an invite to show off his moves on the live news broadcast, and as the footage shows, Cuffy was more than excited to oblige.

So, that was arguably THE most entertaining news segment of all time.  Don’t get us wrong: The stray kitten crashing a live news broadcast still holds a special place in our TV-viewing hearts, but this guy is on another level of awesome. Did anyone else notice how he wore a smile the entire time? Not even a near face-plant could steal his joy. In case you don’t know what it looks like, this is passion personified, people.

Anyway, someone needs to get this guy a regular news gig ASAP. Surely, he deserves at least a weekly slot, somewhere between the meteorologist’s corny weather jokes, kids doing cute stuff and those early morning puppy adoption bulletins.

We think Cuffy could totally help the world usher in a new wave of news broadcasting, one that balances out the routine gloom, doom and awful political updates with break dancing and back flips.