Here’s a guy climbing a ridiculously tall construction site, because this is what daredevils do

For our fellow shameless ‘fraidy cats who prefer to live vicariously through the daring exploits of others, here’s a climber scaling a ridiculously tall construction site, because we have no problem sitting back and watching daredevils do stuff that we won’t do.

C’mon, don’t judge us, y’all. Sure, some of us are deathly afraid to face our own fears, especially those of us who are grappling with a paralyzing fear of heights, but with gut-wrenching videos like this floating around the internet, who could blame us?

Anyway let’s shift the focus back where it belongs: on YouTuber James Kingston’s climbing adventure, which also happens to involves some police activity but we’ll explain that later.

For now, let’s get into all the things that are wrong with this scenario.

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First off, this guy is climbing a tall structure that he a) shouldn’t be climbing; and b) despite the climber’s obvious excitement and the video’s super cool background music is, this is such a bad idea.

So, if we had to rank this among other extremely awful ideas, we’d give it a solid seven out of 10, which would place it somewhere above this guy who golfed on a frozen lake but below those teens who trained surf in Paris.

As much as we admire people for pushing the boundaries and giving a middle finger to fear, we have to say that we wholeheartedly support the cop on the ground, angrily yelling for this climber to “get your ass down here right now.”