This guy clicked his mouse one million times in a row, and filmed the entire “event”

At one point or another, we’ve all fallen victim to boredom. Having absolutely nothing to do with your time can prompt you to do something extremely dumb, dangerous, creative, or all of the above. So, what category does this guy who clicked his mouse a million times in a row fall into? He actually clicked his mouse for 17 hours, 27 minutes and seven seconds straight. That’s eight hours longer than it takes to scroll to the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet.

Sheesh, guys. These mind-and-finger-numbing activities are definitely not on the list of ergonomic tips.

Like, it boggles the mind. We have no idea where people come up with this shit. Srsly, what ever happened to taking a nap or doodling away your boredom? Ugh, pardon us. We’re feeling so old and crochety right now, and could totally use a nap.

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Anyway, someone who probably needs a siesta more than we do now is this mouse-clicking guy. While it sounds like an utterly lame way to spend your day, YouTuber Tocen’s ambitious feat was actually an attempt to break the world record for fastest one million clicks, which we suppose is more productive than excessive snoozing.

Also, Tocen created a program to track his clicks and says he committed to one million clicks because he “had the time” and had never seen this done before. During a previous attempt, he went for an hour and 40 minutes and reached 70,000 clicks.

If you want to see what a million clicks look like, here’s the full video, which features some random commentary to drown out the mouse clicks:

Ack! BRB, we have to hurl a mouse out of a window.