This guy calculated how much that “Master of None” summer in Italy would actually cost

Netflix’s Master of None returned on May 12th, and we’ve been trying to move to Italy ever since. Season 2 opens with Aziz Ansari’s character Dev in the Italian city of Modena living the Eat, Pray, Love dream. While blissfully binging, we couldn’t help but think about the cost of a Master of None summer in Italy.

Luckily for us, and for you too if you’re also currently chasing this dream, someone has calculated the cost of living in Italy for two months.

From utilities to fancy morning espresso, we’ve got you covered. Now, if we want to spend a summer in Italy, we’ll first have to get there. Zach Johnston, the mastermind of this detailed cost breakdown estimates a flight for this summer (June 1st to about August 31st) to Bologna from New York will set you back around $867. Once in Bologna though it’s just a short train ride to Modena. Alternatively, he went on to suggest a more budget-friendly option, by finding a cheaper flight to Europe and taking a longer train ride, you’ll end up saving quite a bit and enjoying the scenic route.

As for monthly living expenses, Zach determined if you’d like to rent a small fully furnished apartment in the town, do a little bit of grocery shopping at the market, and hang with your new Italian friends over fancy pasta a couple times a month then you’re looking at:

Rent: €500 for a one-room apartment in the city center
Utilities: €185
Internet: €22
Grocery budget: €180
Entertainment: €64
Morning Espresso: €30
Eating Out (in general): €300
Total: €1,181 or $1,328 per month

We know Dev lived in Italy for three months so if you’re looking to do the same, you should be budgeting for around that’s a budget of around €3,643 ($4,095) — which sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

Zach estimates there are a few big one-time expenses, Dev bought a bike to commute around town. And there were also a few special events like, birthday parties and extra special meals. Adding to the above breakdown:

Used Bike On Ebay: €200

Birthday Lunch At Hosteria Giusti: Given the prices on the menu, and it’s Dev’s birthday, let’s say €80 for antipasti, primi, secondi, and a dolce with a glass of wine.

Birthday Party At Enoteca Compagnia del Taglio: A few drinks and some tasty snacks, let’s say €50 tops.

A Meal At Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana: €220 for a nine plate tasting menu and €130 for the wine pairing, which, let’s face it, you know they totally went all in on. So that’s €350 each for a meal.

Vespa Rental: €50 for a day.

According to Zach, that’s €730 worth of extras that made the final cut, so let’s just round that up to €1,000.

Which gives us a grand total of €4,643 or $5,219 to live in Italy for three months. We’re already stacking our coins.

So, at the end of the day, flights, life, fun, and food set Dev back at least five grand, minus any salary he might have made while learning the finer arts of pasta making. Either way, that’s the best money he probably ever spent.

If you haven’t watch, be sure to catch up with Dev and all his Master of None adventures before planning your own sweet Italian summer.

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