This contestant broke “The Price is Right” Plinko record and promptly lost it

If you’re gonna celebrate being a part of a game show first, the only appropriate reaction is to go completely bonkers like this guy who broke The Price is Right Plinko record. During Thursday’s episode, a contestant named Ryan Belz was super pumped when his $1 bid earned him the chance to play the classic game. Before making his way onstage to embrace host Drew Carey, the 23-year-old ran an enthusiastic lap around one of the most famous studio audiences that we all want to be in, excitedly yelling and giving high-fives along the way.

During Belz’s record-breaking Plinko game, he won $10,000 off the first chip he dropped.

But his winning streak didn’t stop there. The second Plinko chip yielded Belz $1,000, followed by a third chip worth ANOTHER 10 grand. His fourth chip was worth $500, but then he brought it home big with a fifth and final chip worth yet another $10,000, bringing his record-breaking total to $31,500.

At that point, Belz completely lost it.

From Belz’s ecstatic attitude and The Price is Right attire to the audience chanting his name, this has to be one of the most memorable moments in the show’s 45-year history.

Plenty of viewers who watched at home were just as pumped about Belz’s unprecedented win as well as his upbeat energy. false

In an interview with TMZ, Belz said he’s been a huge fan of The Price is Right since he was a kid and even scheduled his college classes at Penn State around the show. As for his winnings, he plans to use them to pay off his student loans.