Guy thinks BeautyBlender being cleaned in a mug of water is tea, drinks it

Today is Friday and you deserve a laugh because, well, it’s Friday and you got out of bed this morning (if you’re still under the covers, keep reading anyway). Yesterday, U.K. makeup enthusiast Niamh McManus shared a hilarious, almost unbelievable tweet about her BeautyBlender, which has become a staple beauty product in pretty much everyone’s medicine cabinet. She placed her BeautyBlender in a cup of hot water and left it there to soak it and clean out all the makeup residue. What happened next will make your day.

Apparently, her brother doesn’t wear makeup and thus doesn’t know what a BeautyBlender is. So being the innocent, barefaced soul that he is, he mistook the mug of cloudy water for a cup of tea (or a cuppa, as the lovely English like to call it). He then did what any normal Brit would do with a cuppa — drink it.

"Put my beauty blender in a cup of hot water and left it to soak to clean it n my brother started drinking it thinking it was a cuppa x Soz x," Niamh tweeted.

Poor bloke got halfway through the beverage when he realized it wasn’t a beverage at all. Our guess is, the taste got too weird for him to handle and then saw the BeautyBlender at at the bottom of the cup, and that was the end of it.

Whatever actually transpired, the story was a huge hit, and Niamh’s got retweeted over 10,000 times and liked over 36,000 times since she first posted. We can’t imagine how gross it must have tasted, and her poor brother deserves a hug for what he endured. Let this be a lesson to all men: Learn. What. A. BeautyBlender. Is.

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