A guy almost died from eating a ghost pepper, so can that challenge FINALLY be over?

One of the more ridiculous things that humans do is the ~dangerous food challenge~. Like, WHY, you guys. Why do we do this to ourselves?! From the cinnamon challenge (don’t go do the cinnamon challenge now, please) to the more recent ghost pepper challenge, people are literally risking their mouths. For social media. This is us at our worst, y’all.

One guy tried the ghost pepper challenge, and almost DIED, so if we could stop now that would be awesome.

So here’s what happened. A 47-year-old Californian ate a ghost pepper, and then he just couldn’t cool down his mouth. Like, it was really, seriously burning.


According to Clinical Communications, a journal by University of California–San Francisco emergency department personnel, he ate the pepper “at a local restaurant featuring a hamburger topped with ghost pepper puree as part of an eating contest.” These food contests, you guys! We’re telling you, they aren’t worth it.

When he couldn’t chill TF out (as in he was in agony and also was throwing up a lot), he went to the hospital. What he found was absolutely freaky, because no one even knew this could happen. But the ghost pepper was so horribly hot that it burned a hole in his esophagus.


Oh, and it totally would have killed him if he hadn’t gone to the hospital. We’re so scared, and so sad for this guy, but we’re also hoping this will finally put an end to people risking their lives… for literally no reason.