High five to this 7-year-old who broke a Guinness World Record at Bonnaroo

Some people go to Bonnaroo for the music. Some go for the atmosphere. And then there are others, like Squish, who go with a mission in mind. This past Friday, the lovable 7-year-old accomplished a serious goal he’s been working toward: to set a new world record for the most high-fives in an hour.

Of course, he knocked it out of the park. Squish exceeded expectations with 2,392 high-fives, crushing the previous record of 2,181. And each one was as enthusiastic as the last. Just how does one become a world record holder for high-fives, you ask? With lots of practice.

When Squish set out to become the new record holder, he didn’t take the task lightly. He’s been perfecting his form and studying the rules, which requires the high five to be performed above all participants’ heads. His mom, Amy, has been documenting his training and Bonnaroo experiences on Instagram. All of his practice paid off, and Squish gave hand slap after hand slap to a line of willing high-fivers.

Squish is establishing quite the Bonnaroo reputation for himself; this is hardly his first brush with the famous Tennessee festival. In 2013, he and his mom recorded a video plea to Bonnaroo, asking them to add artist Bernhoft to the festival lineup. That same year, he also shared the stage with the ladies of Haim. (No big deal.)

Congrats and virtual high-fives to you, Squish! We can’t wait to see what you tackle next. #squisharoo2016

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