These guinea pigs just recreated the iconic “Lady and the Tramp” kiss

You know how much we love IRL recreations of Disney movies (Did you see the engagement photo shoot where that adorable couple recreated Roger and Pongo meeting Anita and Perdita? Did you die of cuteness? We died of cuteness). So of course, of COURSE we were going to flip when we stumbled upon a pair of guinea pigs recreating Lady and Tramp‘s classic spaghetti smooch.

As the Huffington Post reports, for guinea pig sisters Grace and Suzie, the strand of spaghetti was replaced with a blade of grass, which the sisters started out by sharing, and that sharing eventually turned into a most adorable tug of war. A tug of war in slo-mo. Everything is cute forever.

The video was shared on Facebook earlier this month,and has racked up over 40 million views since. We get it. The adorableness, it cannot be denied.

Check out the sister pets getting their Disney magic on below:


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