Guinea Pigs Get Their Glamour On

I’ve seen cats in tutus and puppies with pearls, but I never thought I’d see the day when a guinea pig would get pretty for a hay-slinging, yee-haw hoedown in a full-bodied, multilayer checked dress.

Yamada’s line includes a fresh summer tank, a silk formal gown, traditional ninja attire and a straw hat with bouncy blond curls attached, a la Cindy Brady. Because if humans can get blow-outs and dogs can get dye jobs, surely every domesticated guinea pig deserves the chance to experiment with their looks too! Want to arrange a marriage between your furry lady-rodent and your brother’s Siamese Fighting Fish? No problem. There’s a wedding dress for that. She’ll be the bell of the Aspen-bedded cage in her custom-made, lace gown and rose-adorned veil. Just make sure she lays off the Merlot at the reception. While her marriage may be short-lived (Siamese fighting fish are notoriously aggressive), those stains are forever.

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