These guinea pigs hilariously dress up for every single major holiday

Meet Shaggy and Cheddar, two rescue guinea pigs who (literally) put the animal in party animal. We’ve got some serious lifestyle envy where this duo is concerned. Because if the photos they post online are any indication, Shaggy and Cheddar are living large. All. Year. Long.

Seriously, you guys. They embrace every major holiday in a big way. With costumes. And props. And (because they’re guinea pigs) lots of lettuce.

What were you doing on St. Patrick’s Day? Drinking a shamrock shake and binge-watching Netflix? (Because that’s totally what I was doing.) Brace yourselves, though. Here’s what Shaggy and Cheddar were up to:

They’re Irish! Somebody kiss them!

Actually, Cheddar and Shaggy are a bit overdue for some snuggles. They were rescued and taken in by Hoppy Homes Rescue (formerly Bird and Small Animal Rescue) in Canada in spring 2013 after being neglected for quite some time. From the looks of things, they’ve settled in quite nicely and we couldn’t be happier for them.

As you might have guessed from its name, Hoppy Homes Rescue also provides shelter and helps finds homes for rescued bunnies. Spoiler alert: when you’ve got rabbits as roommates, Easter is a really big deal. Huge.

When Shaggy and Cheddar aren’t partying down, they’re busy selling fresh produce. They’ll even demonstrate how delish it is. Over and over and over again.

But when Halloween rolls around, it’s all about the costumes. Natch. Shaggy makes a cute little devil, but Cheddar in a pumpkin suit?

Stop. It’s too cute. We just can’t.

Just in case you think their fun costumes are strictly fodder for photo ops, here are Shaggy and Cheddar out and about on Halloween, all dressed up. What do Internet guinea pig stars do on Halloween, exactly? Trick or Treat. Obvs.

Check it out…a carrot. Score! (That’s like a full-size Snickers bar to a trick-or-treating human. Maybe even king size.)

You KNOW these two piggies throw a rad birthday bash. #partygoals

Pride Day? Shaggy and Cheddar have got that covered, too.

On Christmas morning, they find celery in their stockings while our hearts explode over Shaggy’s adorable bedhead.

And when New Year’s Day rolls around, they’re ready to kick off another year of holiday cuteness!

Somebody get these two their own photo-calendar deal.


Images via here and here.