17 items you can use to cleanse your home of the straight-up inferno that was 2017

It happens every year. It’s January 1st and, suddenly, without even meaning for it to happen, we want to start fresh in a big way. In the biggest way. We want to burn everything we own and then rise anew from the ashes of our old lives. The moment the clock strikes midnight, it’s a mad dash to start 2018 off on the right foot, on a different foot, on any foot. That mop you forgot you had gets pulled out from those cobwebs you’re about to dust as you google places where you can donate that mountain of clothes you’ve had sitting in the corner of your closet for the past, um, 12 months.

Your surroundings? Those are so 2017.

Now that 2018 has risen above the horizon, it’s time for us to set the stage for a year that will (fingers crossed!) be better than the inferno that was 2017. One of the easiest ways to do so is to cleanse your space, that place you scramble back to at the end of a disastrous day. Now that the holidays are over, we’ve got you covered with a 2018 guide for cleansing your home. It’s time for you to start the year off right, by taking care of yourself so you have the tools you need to take care of others.

Let’s do this.

1Lavender + Red Rose Smudge Stick, The Flowerchild Bruja, $21.21


Lavender to soothe, red rose for power.

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2Pink Himalayan Salt, Amazon, $7.99


Put this in the corners of your home to absorb any negative energy.

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3Yemaya Abolone Shell Smudge Tray, The Flowerchild Bruja, $11.11


For smudging during cleansing with sage, palo santo, and the like.

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4Small Selenite Tower, House of Intuition, $8


Allows energy to flow freely.

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5Crescent Moon Platter, HautePriestess, $38


You can use this beauty as an altar for setting intentions.

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6White Sage Divine Intention Spray, Amazon, $14.95


Clear your space of negative energy — smoke-free!

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7The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook, Amazon, $23.06


To sharpen your intuition when you’re having some much-needed “me time” in your sacred space.

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8Rebirth Magic Candle, House of Intuition, $15


Perfect for a new start in a new year.

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9Lavender Incense Sticks, Amazon, $5.87


To soothe your soul and your space.

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10Modern Incense Holder, Etsy, $22


A handmade holder for the above.

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11Rose + Frankincense + Lavender Ritual Salt Soak, SandalwoodnSage, $16


For releasing what no longer serves you.

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12Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Pyramid, Amazon, $16.49


Creates a calming glow ideal for meditation.

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13Essential Oil Diffuser, Amazon, $30.99


To permeate your home with the scents that make you feel the most you.

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14Calm Body, Calm Mind Essential Oil, Amazon, $9.99


Contains sweet marjoram, roman chamomile, ylang ylang, sandalwood, vanilla, and french lavender.

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15Palo Santo Stick, House of Intuition, $6


Its smoke will fill your home with peace and harmony.

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162018 Cosmic Calendar, yestermorrowshop, $18+


To help you communicate with the universe.

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17Peace Lily Plant, PrettyInGreenPlants, $12


Symbolizing rebirth and purity, the peace lily plant also purifies your home of toxins. (Note: this plant’s leaves can be poisonous to pets and children.)

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Here’s to a better, brighter year.