This Oscar-winning actor guest-starred on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ for the sweetest reason

At first glance, Billy Bob  Thornton doesn’t have a lot in common with The Big Bang Theory. He’s an Oscar-winning actor with a penchant for serious roles, while The Big Bang Theory is a goofy TV show about a posse of science nerds. So it came as a huuuge shock to fans when he made a surprise, unannounced guest appearance on the show last season.

You know that gleeful feeling you get when Jon Hamm randomly walks on stage unannounced during an SNL opening monologue? It was exactly like that. But we didn’t’ ask questions—we just went with it, and it was amazing! Thornton played Dr. Oliver Lorvis, a doctor obsessed with pharmaceutical rep Penny. In a featurette on the show’s soon-to-be-released Season 8 DVD set, the actor shares the story behind his surprise guest spot. And it’s giving us all the feels.

“I said in an interview that my mom’s favorite show was The Big Bang Theory,” Thornton says. “So [the show’s executive producer] Chuck Lorre got a hold of my manager and said, ‘Would you consider doing a guest spot for your mom?’ And I said absolutely, because I’ll do anything for my mom.”

Both Billy Bob and his mom are hugs Big Bang Theory fans, so it was fun for everyone involved, from the Thorntons to the cast to the audience. This totally sheds new light on the small detail that Dr. Lorvis lived with his mom. What a cute shoutout to Thornton’s real mom!

Check out Billy Bob Thornton’s cameo below. Knowing he did it for his mom makes it even sweeter!

Is it a coincidence that Billy Bob Thornton shares the initials BBT with the show? We think not!

(Featured image via CBS)


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